Swish e-commerce

We have developed a plugin that we use in our own stores.

You can find it at broderamera.nu and broderigarn.se

We are a Swish Technical Provider

We have signed an agreement as Technical Provider with Swish and can now offer you to run Swish payments within minutes from downloading the plugin. Read more at the BjornTech Swish Service tab.

What is Swish e-commerce?
Offer Swish, a popular real-time payment app, as a payment method in your webshop. Your customers have all they need in their mobile. Swish is a well known easy payment system in Sweden. In Swish e-commerce you get:

  • A corporate swish number. The number that starts with 123 followed by a seven digit number is connected to your corporate bank-account.
  • Confirmation about the purchase and payment to your bank-account in realtime.
  • The customer is connected directly from your webshop to Swish. they just have to approve the payment in their Swish-app.
How do I install?

You will find instructions for installation and download our free plugin via wordpress here

BjornTech Swish Service

We have got a lot of questions and feedback regarding the installation of certificates.. Many of our customers feel that they do not have the technical knowledge needed to get the Swish plugin up and running. 

We have signed an agreement to become a “Technical Supplier” for Swish and have created an alternative that does not require any certificates.

You can now be up and running within a couple of minutes from when you downloaded the plugin. Just go to the configuration page, select BjornTech Swish Service and follow the instructions.

The service is free of charge for up to 50 transactions per month. If you need more you can easily buy a subscription allowing for up to 1000 transactions per month. And if not even this is enough we can of course fix this as well, just contact us for price.