eCommerce made easy

Are you spending too much time on admin rather than your e-commerce business? Our philosophy is that everything from payment to accounting should be automatic without manual intervention. Let us help you to focus on your business, not admin.

We use all the software that we develop in our own stores

Connect your iZettle-app with WooCommerce

IZettle delivers a cash-register and payment systems for small business. Besides selling your products in your webshop you possibly sell on trade exebitions, markets or in a physical shop. If so, you have most probably run in to the hard work of keeping your products and prices updated in the webshop as well as in iZettle. You most probably also suffer from not having to update stock-levels in both systems, if you dared to even think about that. We have the solution giving you back the valuable time you

WooCommerce plugin for Swish e-commerce

Swish is a local instant payment system i Sweden, it is a fantastic way to pay, easy and fast. Over 6,5 million Swedes have the app installed, everything they need to pay for the merchandise in your webshop is in their mobile. The transaction cost is extremely low comparing to a card-purchase. 

Focus on your business - not admin.

It is great to be a business owner. It often start in a small scale and all focus is on focusing on the customer and deliveries. At some point most business owners find themselves in the situation where admin grows to consume most of your time, accounting, reconsiliations and paying invoices is suddenly stealing all time. At that point we are here to help you. 

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