WooCommerce Zettle Integration subscription

    Are you tired of constantly having to sync purchases between your WooCommerce and Zettle? Look no further! WooCommerce Zettle Integration is a plugin that makes manual synchronization between Zettle and WooCommerce a thing of the past. Installing this plugin will allow you to automatically:

    Update Zettle with all (or your selected subset) of products from WooCommerce.
    Update the Zettle stock-level with your WooCommerce stock-level value.
    Import all Zettle purchase transactions and apply one of the functions below when a new purchase arrives:

    Create an order in WooCommerce and through that change stock-level values. This also updates sales statistics which can be used for accounting purposes. If you not have a way of creating an accounting report we recommend the free WooCommerce Accounting Report plugin (created by us!).
    Change the stock-level (increase or decrease depending on if it was a purchase or a refund).
    Do nothing. You could simply use the downloaded copy of the purchase information for logging purposes or something else entirely!

    When you first download the plugin you can use the automatic sync without cost during one week.

    You pay a subscription per Zettle account that can be used for multiple sites as your live and testsystems.

    The subscription can be purchased one month or one year at a time

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