Fortnox Hub for WooCommerce

    Fortnox Hub connects your WooCommerce shop with the Fortnox accounting system. Products When you create a WooCommerce product a Fortnox article is created automatically. You can select information from the WooCommerce product that should be copied into the Fortnox article. If any of the data later on is changed in WooCommerce, the plugin can update the Fortnox article. Orders When a WooCommerce order is set to processing or completed the plugin can create a Fortnox Order or Invoice to mirror the WooCommerce order. You can configure payment methods to book into selected accounts in Fortnox. Stocklevels Fortnox is the main source of the stock level on products. If the stock level changes in Fortnox the stock level in WooCommerce will be changed. Comptiability with other plugins

    • WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
    • WooCommerce EU VAT Number
    • Woo Swish e-commerce
    • WooCommerce iZettle Integration


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