Connect iZettle with WooCommerce

Syncs products to Izettle and updates the stock levels in Woocommerce.

What is iZettle

Use the iZettle Go app to put powerful POS software right into your hands. Track your inventory, oversee staff and take card, cash, contactless, invoice and online payments – 24-hours a day.

What can i do with the plugin?

Our plugin lets you syncronize products from WooCommerce to iZettle, you can also choose to have your purchases from iZettle updating WooCommerce and your WooComerce sales to update iZettle.

Our plugin can also create barcodes for use in iZettle.

How do I install the free plugin

You can download the plugin for free from WordPress.

When first installed you can use all functionality during the 7 day trial period. When the trial period is over you can use the sync free of charge every 7:th day or in realtime if you purchase a subscription.