Standard solutions made for you

We have automated solutions to automate your manual processes. Many of our products are free to use. We can help you to install, adopt or operate all or parts av your webshop. We do this by hour or for a fixed fee

Plugins to WordPress and WooCommerce

We have built a large number of plugins to WordPress, many of them in the WooCommerce family. At this moment we are working to package some of the solution we made to run our own shops so that you can use them.

Swish e-commerce

Swish is a fantastic payment method for the Swedish market, easy and fast. There are over 6.5 million users having the app installed, the only thing they need to pay in your webshop is their mobile.

Accounting report for WooCommerce

The built in Accounting report in WooCommerce are lacking some important features. Getting the accounting report with a few clicks is the first small step towards automation for the small e-commerce dealer. Some of our customers are testing at this very moment, the solution will be out in WooCommerce in the end of 2018

Fortnox Integration

We are using many modules in the Swedish ERP-system Fortnox and we love the fantastic possibilities that open up when you use the open API from Fortnox. We are currently testing and packaging the solution that we are using in our own businesses. Our plans are to release it during spring 2019

Inventory and products.

Digital inventory is nothing you need when you start your e-commerce business. However, it is something that can become critical quite fast when your business grows. We are currently in the stage where we need to improve our own handling of inventory. Our plan is to share it with others when it is ready.

Integrated with Fortnox

Our solution improves and simplifies the handling of inventory, it is of course always 100% in sync with the stock-level in WooCommerce

Intentory handling in WooCommerce

There are a lot of inventory plugins for WooCommerce, we have not found any that meet our needs.Our solution is a cloud-service that integrates with WooCommerce at the same time as it will be possible to connect it to other services as iZettle and Fortnox.

Integrated with iZettke

In our physical store we do use iZettle as POS, our inventory handling will be totally connected with iZettle, making the stock-level on each individual product avaliable in real-time in all systems.

Solutions for you

Do you have a time-consuming task that you want to get rid of? Do you want our help to install our or other solutions? We love to help you to remove time-consuming admin task so that you can focus on your customers.


If you do not have time or feel unshure of how to do it we can help you. We do it to a fixed price so that you do not have to worry about the final cost.


We have great experience of integration between systems and platforms. Our goal is always to get rid of manual processes. Do you have manual processes that you want to get rid of, we can help you to analyze on how to automate in the best way.

Choice of solutions

Where should I run my webshop? Do I need to back it up? Is it safe to update my webshop to the next version? Do I need a test environment? There are a lot of questions to answer if you are in e-commerce, do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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